What Is Wisdom? There Are Two Books of the Bible Where Wisdom’s Definition Can Be Found

Jesus Comments About Past and Future Events Leading Up to His Second Coming

Better to Be Thankful for What You Have (or, Where Would You Be Without Your Faith?)

Christ’s Teaching on Faith, Forgiveness, and Mercy

(And, how they all work together for the benefit of everyone)

The Publication of this Blog and the Reasons For Its Existence, or Why I Blog About the Bible and the Social Gospel

The Folly of Wealth and the Glory of the Resurrection

The Alleged Worker Shortage Here in the US: Or, why we need to increase wages if we ever want to resuscitate the economy

On the Wealthy, Their Religious Snobbery, and the Viewpoint of Almighty God

My Email to the ‘Body of Christ’

by Rev. Paul J. Bern

Jesus, An Unscrupulous Manager, and a Cash-Free Society

Pastor Paul J Bern

I am Rev. Paul J. Bern, a well-known Web pastor and regular blogger on The Social Gospel Blog on Medium, Patreon and others. Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio

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