Authentic Devotees to Christ vs. All the Phony Worshipers in Church

True vs. False Worship, and the Ramifications of Each

Minister Paul J Bern


(Isaiah chapter 58, verses 2–10) by Rev. Paul J. Bern

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They can be found in most any church on any Sunday morning. You know the ones I’m writing about. They always dress as if they’re going to a fashion show, wearing expensive and sometimes flashy clothing. The ladies will most always have a big gawky hat that matches their outfits, while the men will be dressed in expensive suits with genuine leather shoes or boots. The members who own the most expensive cars or trucks park closest to the door, while those who drive only what they can afford park their vehicles towards the back of the lot.

Giving Has Become An Expectation

Once inside, they sing a hymn or two, followed by the requisite 45-minute sermon. Next comes the offering. This is where the faithful “tithe” 10% of their income, or as much as they think that they can afford for that week. Some don’t put in anything because they’re broke. Poor people are always shown the door the quickest of all, since the weekly collection is this church’s primary reason for existence. Those who can’t afford to give anything find themselves being replaced with those who can. It’s all about the money.

Don’t Get Mad With God

The attendee’s at modern churches believe that by attending services weekly and “tithing” of their magical 10%, they can coast through life with neither a worry or a care. But when hardship or pain befalls them, they get mad at God and leave church in a huff. That’s because many of them feel like God has let them down when they encounter misfortune. It’s as if they didn’t get a return on their investment when they gave that 10%, and now they’re mad about it. Problem is, God never promised us any of those things. I’m giving you a quote from Isaiah chapter 58 that talks about this at length, including a stern rebuke from the Lord that we should all pay close attention to.

Five Little Verses



Minister Paul J Bern

Rev. Paul J. Bern is a Web pastor and blogger on The Social Gospel Blog on Medium and Substack. Longtime Atlanta Ga. resident; stroke survivor; piano player