Fair Warning to the Rich

Pastor Paul J Bern
7 min readJul 9

Fair Warning to All Rich Oppressors; Not From Myself, But From God

by Pastor Paul J. Bern

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It’s been a long time — many months — since I have written a piece about economic inequality. Lately I have been distracted by the war in Ukraine, the immigration crisis at America’s southern border, the injustice of the Drug War, and self-help articles like my recent anti-gun-violence blog post “What America Needs is Some Anger Management Classes”, which you can read from here. First, let me give you a few relevant links regarding the scourge of inequality in the US, which has the dubious distinction of being one of the most unequal countries in which to live on the entire planet.

A Timely Quote From God

Without a doubt, God sees all of these goings-on, He sees a lot of injustice happening everywhere, and I would say He is fed up to here with all of it. So for this week’s Sunday message I want to share with you all a quotation from the Bible that ties in with this topic very well. “Woe to those who make unjust laws, to those who issue oppressive decrees, to deprive the poor of their rights and withhold justice for my people, making widows their prey and robbing the fatherless. What will you do on the day of reckoning, when disaster comes from afar? To whom will you run for help? Where will you leave your riches? Nothing will remain except to cringe among the captives or fall among the slain. Yet for all this, his anger is not turned away, his hand still upraised.” (Isaiah chapter 10, verses 1–4)

Pastor Paul J Bern

Rev. Paul J. Bern is a Web pastor and blogger on The Social Gospel Blog on Medium, Wordpress and others. Longtime Atlanta Ga. resident; stroke survivor, coach