The Coming Economic Collapse: What We Can Do About It

Minister Paul J Bern
5 min readJan 22, 2023

The Seven Biggest Reasons for the Impending Economic Collapse

What Can We Do?

By Pastor Paul J. Bern

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One of the Ten Commandments says, “You shall not lie”. (Exodus 20, verse 16) It says still more about dishonesty in government in chapter 23, verse 8 of that same book of the Bible: “Do not accept a bribe, for a bribe blinds those who see and twists the words of the righteous.” While I’m not about to accuse anyone in the Biden presidential administration of accepting bribes, I am dismayed at the armies of lobbyists residing the inside the Beltway who are engaged in a legalized version of bribery. It’s no different than the existence of Wall St. and the stock market, together with the life insurance industry, despite the laws against organized gambling.

The beginning of the end of the American political machine, which has been the Republican-Democrat paradigm, has already begun. The inherent corruption of the US government has risen up like a foul stench in the sinus cavities of good people everywhere. This has given birth to a torrent of dissent from the Occupiers on Wall Street, at Standing Rock, South Dakota and elsewhere, combined with the various anti-government and antiwar protesters. This can become a national movement for a more equitable society if more Americans knew the truth about the true state of the US economy. Everything revolves around the economy because we all need money to survive. America’s trade imbalance, social, environmental and economic issues all revolve around a debt-based economy. This economic paradigm is coming to an end, and I’m going to list 7 fallacies about the solutions promoted by religious conservatives:

1.) Tax cuts for the rich trickle down to everyone else. In actuality, quite the reverse is true. Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush both sliced taxes on the rich and…



Minister Paul J Bern

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