War Is an Obscenity, and it Becomes More So With Each Passing Year

Pastor Paul J Bern
5 min readOct 15

Putin’s Threats to Use Nukes and Its Contradiction With Authentic Christianity

The Ongoing Obscenity of the Specter of Nuclear War

by Rev. Paul J. Bern

(Matthew chapter 26, verse 52; chapter 5 verse 9)

The war in Ukraine has lasted more than 18 months, with no end in sight as of this writing. At the height of its military operations, the United States was spending $60 billion per month on the twin wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. That is not counting all the other bases the US military now has in well over 140 countries around the world, such as Germany, Japan, South Korea, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Diego Garcia and Kuwait, to name a few of the major ones. A stepped up nuclear arms program is the ultimate escalation. All this is coming from Vladimir Putin, a man who is reputedly portrayed as a devout member of the Russian Orthodox Church.

He Who Lives by the Sword Will Die by the Sword

This raises a fundamental question; why is our country’s leadership (because it’s not just president Biden) doing this? Why take a chance on a nuclear conflagration ever happening in the first place? Have we become collectively suicidal and homicidal, all at once? Look at the world from the standpoint of armaments. The USA is the world’s #1 arms manufacturer by far. This leads me to the conclusion that most of the arms being manufactured by other countries, such as Russia (the #2 arms manufacturer), are in place to counter the American threat. Too many Americans do not realize how much our country has frightened and damaged much of the world. We have the military and our elected politicians to blame; this happened on their watch. And now the Pentagon wants to ramp up nuclear arms production? I rebuke those intentions in the name of Jesus, who said, “He who lives by the sword will die by the sword”. (Matthew chapter 26, verse 52) I’m quite certain that these words of Christ are not limited to swords. By extension, nukes are included.

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Pastor Paul J Bern

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